The Amazing Silent “e” / Orton Gillingham


Confused about the silent “e”? Look no further! Use these visuals to help you and your student know the many jobs of amazing silent “e”.
Color AND Black and White of all visuals!
Your kiddos will love the pictures and colors of these visual aids, or they will enjoy coloring the black and white ones if you prefer to save on ink!
Use with a small group or individually!
I love to laminate and place two binder rings at the top to keep a flip book by my teaching area!

See my preview for an example
Included are color and black/white visual/anchor charts for:
  • A full page of all jobs of silent “e”
  • Each job gets its own page as well.
  • Total of 16 visuals

Thank you!
Let’s empower students to soar with reading!